How Yoga and dhyana can change your life

Regular practice of Yoga minimises the physical effects of stress on the your body, eases physical pain, increases strength amd flexibility, improves breathing, circulation and cardio conditioning.

Yoga for balance

Strike the right balance between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Traditional and authentic form

Better understanding of traditional practices for today's times.

Simple and sensible practices

Know the beauty and efficiency of simple asanas practiced regularly.

Yoga to observe changes within

Find the balance between movements of dynamic asanas and the gentle stretches of static asanas

Yoga for physical, mental strength

Develop strength, flexibility and balance while reducing stress and anxiety.

Yoga, not gymnastics

Suitable for complete beginners with no prior experience of yoga. There are no complicated asanas!!

Choose from 3 batch timings

Choose between general batch for 14 yrs and above and seniors batch for 50 yrs and above.

Group Yoga without the commute

Practice from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a laptop/mobile phone with good internet connectivity and Zoom installed.

Our Featured Classes

We currently offer three yoga courses.
A general course suited for all age groups and a more gentle and slow paced course crafted for seniors.
A third course for kids aged 8 - 14 years is being conducted on a trial basis since May 2021.
All classes are currently conducted online over zoom.

Regular classes

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Gentle Yoga for Seniors

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Dynamic Yoga for Kids

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Schedule your Yoga Session

Live classes are conducted regularly as per the schedule below.
General classes are conducted thrice a day on weekdays.
Senior citizens and kids classes on alternative days.

Session timings 06.00AM
(60 Minutes)
(60 Minutes)
(60 Minutes)
(75 Minutes)
Monday General General Seniors General
Tuesday General General Kids General
Wednesday General General Seniors General
Thursday General General Kids General
Friday General General Seniors General